7 best Car video recorders for Android phones

A car is a great opportunity to make your everyday life more comfortable and interesting. Moving around in your own transport is faster and more convenient, and you can go on a trip at any time. However, with such bonuses comes great responsibility. A car is considered a high-risk vehicle, and the driver must use various equipment to make the driving process safer.

One of the necessary devices is a video recorder. It continuously records everything that happens on the road. The readings from it are invaluable in case a person gets into an accident or there is a violation of the law or something important happens near their car. We offer you to familiarize yourself with a selection of the best applications for recording what is happening around a car – their functionality is significantly wider than that of a simple video recorder.

Droid Dashcam – Car Video Recorder, Black Box

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones

With this application, you can not only record video but also edit it, adding subtitles (sometimes they are simply necessary). Moreover, subtitles will not go as a separate file; they are embedded directly into playback. You can also customize the sound recording if you need it (by turning it off, you will extend the battery life).

The program works on Android devices. To keep the battery charged longer, you can weaken the settings: for example, turn off sound and subtitles, turn off the screen (the recording will continue), or reduce the quality. However, we still recommend having a charging device and using all the features of Droid Dashcam.

Advantages of the application:

  • background mode of operation;
  • recording is done with the camera you choose;
  • does not require a large amount of memory on the device or its high performance;
  • there is an auto-start and automatic removal of outdated materials to free up space for new ones.

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DailyRoads Voyager

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones

This program was created back in 2009, but since then, it has not lost its relevance and love of users. It is still an excellent multifunctional video recorder that can become comprehensive evidence of your rightness in cases of traffic accidents, illegal actions of road services, insurance fraud or hooliganism towards your car.

During movement, the program will keep a continuous recording and capture everything. However, you can regulate which videos need to be left and which ones you definitely do not need and are subject to deletion so as not to occupy space. It is straightforward to manage the selection – just a few touches, which can be done even while driving.

Advantages of the application include:

  • Ability to record with sound;
  • Data exchange with GPS (to determine your speed and location, and warn about speed cameras);
  • Camera functionality (not necessary to record video if you need to capture something briefly);
  • Advanced capabilities for importing files to cloud services (in the professional version).

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AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones

This smart dashcam will help you keep track of everything happening on the road. Moreover, it will not distract you: working in the background, the program will allow you to continue using your navigator or make calls through your smartphone (though in this case, it would be better to use a headset – recording video and holding the phone to your ear at the same time is very inconvenient).

AutoGuard Dash Cam has a free (basic) and full version. The classic functionality is enough for you to use the application as a smart dashcam. However, if you are interested in additional features (synchronization with YouTube and navigators, disabling ads), you will need to purchase a subscription.

Advantages of the application:

  • camera operation in the background and automatic photo taking in emergency situations;
  • speed control using GPS, as well as displaying the nearest address;
  • high video quality;
  • tracking movement on Google Maps.

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CamOnRoad – Dashcam and Radar Detector

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones
This application is designed to improve the safety of your driving. It combines the function of a GPS navigator, an emergency notification device (GLONASS), and a dashcam.

CamOnRoad is perfect for both Android smartphones and tablets with a large screen (the video quality allows it to be stretched to a large diameter). The program is available for download in the official Google Play Store.

Advantages of the application:

  • recording video in HD format;
  • notifications about speed cameras (you will know in advance where you need to reduce speed, so you will move safely and avoid a fine);
  • the recorded videos are sent to a cloud service, and you can open them in your personal account on the official website of the program (this is relevant if you urgently need a video from the dashcam and do not have the smartphone with the program at hand).

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Roadly – Radar Detector and Dashcam

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones
This is a popular dashcam application used by more than five hundred thousand users. It not only records what’s happening on the road but also helps you follow traffic rules. To determine the speed limit, priority of movement, suitable parking spot, necessary lane, and other parameters, it uses a built-in database of road signs – which users themselves add.

You can choose not to keep the recordings inside your smartphone with the app and instead send them to an external device. But for this function to work correctly, you need to specify the path to the SD card in the settings in advance.

Advantages of the application

  • Easy synchronization with YouTube – you can easily send your dashcam recordings to this hosting;
  • Built-in radar detector that will alert you when you need to comply with the speed mode – there is a automatic traffic camera or traffic police post ahead;
  • The recorder will automatically turn on and off when you start or stop moving;
  • The camera controls the exposure and will not allow the image to be overexposed due to unsuccessful sunlight falling.

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Auto Video Recorder AVR

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones
This is one of the newest recording software for Android devices. Its main advantage is its wide range of functions. It includes features such as recording while driving, flashlight, speed information, and much more.

All the videos made with the app can be saved in a separate folder or on an SD card. However, for this function to work, the folder or external storage must have sufficient free memory.

Advantages of the application:
– You can choose the camera’s position and adjust the recording quality.
– There is synchronization with a navigator.
– In case of an emergency, you can make an emergency call directly through the recorder.
– Finished videos can be sent via Bluetooth or social networks.
– The camera has both manual and automatic color balance, allowing you to make videos of better quality in changing lighting conditions.
– The developer team is constantly improving the software, releasing updates and fixes several times a month.

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Dash Cam Travel – car camera

Articles for life! | 7 best Car video recorders for Android phones
This program functions both as a photo and video camera. It allows you to choose from three shooting options: regular camera, front camera (if you need to record the inside of the car), and background mode (useful if you need your phone for something else at the same time).

For those who love speed and extreme sports, the app has a sports mode. With it, you can measure acceleration, braking, track length, and other interesting parameters. But make sure your experiments are safe in advance!

Advantages of the application:
– A large selection of video quality levels, from 2K to FullHD.
– Easy one-touch controls, which is very convenient when driving.
– Display of geotags.
– Measurement of the car’s tilt level.
– The interface is translated into many European languages, including Russian.

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Virtual Video Recorder – an excellent replacement for a traditional stationary device. To make sure the application works continuously in the car, you don’t need to sacrifice your permanent smartphone and battery charge. A great solution is to buy a simple Android smartphone specifically for the car. It will be inexpensive, and even the weakest models have enough power to run recorder apps.

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