What makes the Amazon unique: 8 interesting facts about the legendary river?

These places are incredible and attract tourists from all over the world. They are amazing, and there are many that have never been touched by human feet. Civilization is absent here. No point on the planet can compete with the Amazon.

1. The kingdom of piranhas
These fish, known for their bloodthirstiness, are found in huge quantities in the Amazon River. The fish are very dangerous, especially since they hunt in large packs. And in the shallows of the Amazon, anacondas are often found. These snakes reach enormous sizes and easily swallow food the size of a goat.

2. Black soil in forest areas
When it comes to South America, warm weather and hot sun come to mind immediately. The soil throughout the entire tropical forests of the Amazon is black. This is because a significant percentage of the sun’s rays are blocked by the living canopy created by the trees.

3. The Amazon rainforests are the oldest in the world
Scientists from all over the world are still fiercely debating the age of the Amazon rainforests. But on one point they all agree: they are the oldest on our planet. Researchers claim that these forests are over 100 million years old.

4. Tropical forests are the main source of food products
This may seem incredible, but most of the food we consume daily was initially brought from the depths of the tropical forests. These products include rice, chocolate, bananas, potatoes, and corn.

5. The waters
There are many small rivers with tributary names in this area. Many mistakenly believe that the Mississippi is one long waterway. But, like the Amazon, it consists of countless tributaries. There are about 1,000 tributaries that flow into the Amazon, 17 of which stretch for 1,500 kilometers.

6. The main transportation route
This may seem incredible to modern European residents, for whom using means of transportation such as planes and trains is much more common. Nevertheless, the main route for transportation in the Amazon is still the river. It is used to transport people, goods, and animals.

7. The Amazon basin is home to the most diverse flora and fauna in the world
This area is home to a staggering number of plant and animal species. In fact, it is estimated that the Amazon basin contains about 10% of the world’s known species. There are approximately 2.5 million species of insects alone!

8. The Amazon is constantly threatened by human activities
Despite the fact that the Amazon is one of the most unique and important places on the planet, it is constantly under threat from human activities such as logging, mining, and agriculture. The destruction of the rainforest has led to the extinction of many species and is also a major contributor to global climate change.

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